BWANi – ‘Snow’ [Aksatak]

‘Snow’ is the second release after Bwani Junction’s identity change (now BWANi) and it dances confidently along the same path as ‘Make My Day’; jubilant, full of vocal harmonies, and joined by an under-riding tone of pop sensibility.

Despite its cheery outer shell, it turns out snow is a metaphor for cocaine, something member Jack Fotheringham didn’t clock onto (or maybe I’m just not clocking onto a joke about drummers) and the song is a narrative about loneliness caused by the drug.


In terms of composition, the song taps into the positive aspects of both previous albums: the rhythmic, carefree guitar lines from Fully Cocked, with the consciously more hooky choruses from Tongue of Bombie.

It does carve out its own terms of fresh songwriting though, and the Edinburgh quartet are playing The Garage on April 24, so you can decide for yourself whether their transformation is for the better or not.

Words: Greg Murray


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