Death From Above 1979, Turbowolf at O2 ABC, 23/2/15

After a storming return to Scottish soil with a sold out show at The Garage in October of last year, Death From Above 1979 do not wait long to return to our fine city; bringing English rock band, Turbowolf along with them.

Despite the relatively small crowd and inevitable Monday night attitude of the audience, Turbowolf don’t hold back.


Frontman, Chris Georgiadis greets the crowd with the sort of energy that no amount of coffee and energy drinks will give your average man, between each song telling the crowd that it is in fact Friday night not Monday, but sadly, most of the crowd don’t fall for his ploy.

But, as the set goes on, the bands powerful rhythm section and big riffs manage to capture a portion of the crowd.

As Turbowolf leave the stage, the room, which seemed fairly empty only minutes ago, begins to fill the brim.

With a giant image of the bands iconic elephant trunk logo hanging at the back of the stage, anticipation begins to build.

The duo take to the stage, with drummer/singer, Sebastian Grainger kitted out in white overalls and no shirt.

The band waste not time and kick into the opener from their debut album, ‘Turn It Out’, before firing into a barrage of tracks from their 2014 release, The Physical World.

As the band only have two full length albums, setlists between this show and the their last Glasgow show are inevitably similar, but the noticeable difference tonight is in crowd reactions; tracks from the latest album are now receiving a noticeably bigger reaction than tracks from their classic debut record.

Despite some sound issues, the band blast out a high energy set, intertwining songs with haunting samples, belting out classics like ‘Going Steady’ and ‘Little Girl’ before closing out on the 2014 track ‘Always On’.

With a chanting crowd refusing to leave, the duo return to the stage and fire out two classics from their 2004 album, ‘Cold War’ and ‘Romantic Rights’, before closing out the title track from their latest album, the fast driving song ‘The Physical World’.

With Grainger’s drum kit now in pieces, the band leaves the stage with an astonished crowd staring at them.

After a somewhat lengthy break, I think it’s safe to say that Death From Above 1979 are well and truly back and are showing no signs of slowing down.

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Words: Iain Gillon
Photos: Michael Gallacher


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