‘FIREBIRD’, the new single by Glasgow boy-girl duo APACHE DARLING, pulses along through a familiar shadowy synth atmosphere and is peppered with some catchy melodies, but the production just isn’t as good as it could/should be.

For example the instruments at the start sound too harsh and one dimensional, and they just don’t provide a nice sounding backdrop for vocals, which do have potential.


It picks up a bit as the song progresses, particularly in the chorus where the hook is interesting and the synths more lush sounding, but over-all I get the impression that the fashion of creating a moody pop song with commercial appeal has been (maybe inadvertently) prioritised over composing a song with the kind of air tight, slick production that now-a-days is a standard among successful female fronted synth bands.

APACHE DARLING are by no means a band without talent and skill; the positive support they’ve received so far has been well deserved but ‘FIRDBIRD’ just isn’t a convincing effort, especially when compared to previous release ‘More Than Me’.

Words: Greg Murray


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