Vigo Thieves at O2 ABC Glasgow, 20/12/14

As the Killers ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ blares through the speakers in a near-full ABC, and a large group of people donning ‘VIGO DAFT’ T-shirts flock to the front of the stage; Vigo Thieves take to the stage at ten past nine for what must surely be their biggest show yet.

The band open with ‘Believe’, recently chosen to be the official Scotland National Football team song and one with a huge hook that has given the band some much deserved media attention.


Backlit, and looking comfortable on stage, the band play ‘Blood Red’ as an amazing light-show adds to the party atmosphere.

A real highlight comes in ‘Forever’, while the band’s saxophone player provides a slightly different dynamic, none more so than in ‘Ghosts’ where his solo sounds good enough to have come straight out of a Bruce Springsteen record.

Closing with ‘Heartbeats’, the band get rapturous applause and chants of “VIGO, VIGO” ring around the ABC, and although the set seems to stop quite abruptly, this doesn’t detract from the great 45-minute set.

Seeing a local band make the jump to bigger venues is always great to see, and the anthemic pop that Vigo Thieves play is definitely suited to fill venues of this size and potentially bigger.

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Words: Neil Hayton

Photos: Daphne Michalaki


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