Millar Jukes and the Bandits – Millar Jukes and the Bandits [Shock]

From the opening track of their self-titled EP, band Millar Jukes and the Bandits make their musical direction very clear.

‘Love Me All Night’ storms in with a catchy riff from prominent, Bob Dylan-esque harmonica, guitar and drums that integrate to provide a pop country feel.


‘Maryanne’ mirrors the style of an archetypal American country song, in which Jukes sings of the titular object of his affection; undoubtedly be a crowd-pleaser, as the recognisable drumming and guitar style are used in many country tracks to great effect, and work well alongside the repetitive “come on Maryanne”.

‘Be Mine’ is a delightful love song including light musical accompaniment; Jukes sings “come on baby, be mine” over strumming guitar and soft jazzy drumming; a slight contrast to what has previously been heard.

‘Out Of Time’ however, brings us back to the county style, which has been so prominent throughout the album; it’s like being thrown back into the middle of a hoedown after stepping outside for a few minutes, as the band’s ability to create heavy country sounds is showcased.

The EP ends unexpectedly through ‘You Ain’t Mine’, which has an opposite feel to the rest of the EP with Jukes singing of heartbreak and using minimalistic accompaniment.

Although this EP highlights the band’s country and Americana style, it does provide an example of their variety; certainly a promising example of things to come.

Words: Orla Brady


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