Deers at Broadcast, 26/11/14

Given that they only have four songs available on their bandcamp, Deers have totally nailed the first impression that has made it possible for them to travel from their home in Madrid to headline their very first UK tour so soon into their career.

They take the stage and get off to a mildly shaky start, playing a cagey number to get comfortable with the amps they’re borrowing for the night.


Guitarist and co-frontwoman, Ana Garcia Perrote uses a kazoo to hum out a melody that is the first sign of the show that Deers are a band that don’t shy from their quirks.

The second sign comes straight after when other co-frontwoman, Carlotta Cosials, can barely contain her excitement when talking to the audience.

Early on, the volume knob on Cosials amp momentarily stops responding and their tour manager spends an almost awkward thirty seconds fixing a drum stool, but they blast on to deliver their lo-fi set with welcomingly disproportionate amounts of summery attitude for a November in Scotland.

When they amble into ‘Between Cans’, a song from their Barn EP, the riff is like sunshine in musical form (to understand why writing that isn’t cheesy, just listen to the song) and my immediate reflex is to smile.

“We’re going to play a very, very new song,” announces Cosials, “it’s not finished yet”.

Though she is smiling, it’s said with the closest thing to caution she’s displayed so far, but Broadcast cheers approval and they play a minute and a half of music which finishes with laughter.

If like me, Spain is a country you associate with jubilation, then Cosials very naturally embodies this trait.

Not to say that her band-mates don’t, I have never seen a drummer smile so much and they’re all clearly ecstatic that people have come out in a city they’ve never visited before, just to listen to their music.

From their Demo EP, they play ‘Trippy Gum’ a song which starts with a screamed “one, two, three” before swaying into a loose groove and then slipping into a very catchy chorus with lots of “oohs” and an upped tempo.

In this, the first thing that comes close to a guitar solo is played, and even though the technical musicianship is obviously not of the highest standard, it still somehow sounds amiably good.

‘Castigadas en el Granero’ is the penultimate song, and they round up the set with a song that doesn’t feature on their EPs.

After the show I was asked if I thought Deers would be doing quite as well if they weren’t pretty girls and they would be, it would be an issue if they weren’t a good band, but they definitely are.

They carry themselves with confidence, are very at home on stage and they’ve written a set of absurdly charming songs, which will hopefully allow them to keep growing at this same impressive pace.

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Words: Greg Murray
Photos: Gordon Ballantyne


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