Royal Blood, Turbowolf at O2 ABC Glasgow, 30/10/14

Tonight the prophetic sounds coming out of ABC are not the ones of a regular Thursday night in town, what is coming out is almost hypnotising, tantalising, possibly because Halloween is upon us making this day spookier than usual.

We have the chance to warm up with Turbowolf and their psychedelic punk, they’re versatile and heavy as a classic rock n’ roll band, but have this edge that can turn simple riffs into devilish and jaw-dropping melodies.


No wonder the Bristol boys are chosen to open for Royal Blood, since they both converge in the same direction pushing wide open those musical doors to re-install with a bang this heavy music and guttural rock into the limelight, forcing their way into people’s minds with guitar riffs and high pitched vocals.

With a very shortened set the band still manage to make themselves heard in front of a vivid crowd that welcomes and acclaims them with the classic Glaswegian warmth.

The amount of people secluded in this large room for the next couple of hours makes the venue feels smaller than normal, making every movement difficult and making the heat rise as fast as the speed of light.

Before Royal Blood even takes a step on stage the intensity is almost palpable, the pressure rising exponentially converting the usual weekend dance floor into a crowded sauna.

When the first notes are launched into the air, the sound bounces on every wall reverberating onto the obscure pit of punters, who then start moving in unison as if manoeuvred like an impartial machine.

The surprise does not stop here and when ‘Come On Over’ detonates the crowd becomes fascinated like a charmed snake moving accordingly to the band’s wishes.

The sound is heavy and powerful, shaking everyone’s drinks just like in that famous Jurassic Park scene before the gigantic T-Rex shows its teeth for the first time.

The Brightonian duo, still freshly new to this kind of attention does not disappoint and accept the crowd with open arms, showing humble smiles and shaking their heads with stupor after every played track; consolidating an already exceptional alchemy with the audience.

The dream is only just beginning though and the band thankfully go through their already cult/classic debut album entirely with easiness and comfort.

After ‘Better Strangers’ ends the crowd is frantic, the floor still pulsating off the ghostly echo of that song, still lurking around, taking its time to exit the room.

The band does not seem to want this experience to stop and clearly the crowd is in the same state of mind, shouting every word to the point of confusion as to who is actually singing tonight.

While mosh pits slow emerge at different points in the venue and people thrown into the air like weightless fleshy balloons, the atmosphere reaches its climax pushing the band to surpass themselves.

With an extended sold out tour, those two bands make a frantic statement with a raw sound that, not only makes your ears buzz afterwards for a couple of days but also, shakes you to your core turning every gig into a synesthetic experience.

After an explosive rendition of hit ‘Out of The Black’, the lights are switched back on and the place feels and tastes like a hangover, everyone looks at themselves as if they had connected on a much more deeper level for over an hour.

It is during these nights that one can realise that rock music is never down, it evolves, yes and transforms itself, but sometimes, some people bring you back to the roots and that is just delightful.

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Words: Jeremy Veyret

Photos: Jayjay Robertson


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