Beattie – ‘We Are Stars’

There comes a time in an artist’s career when they see a name change as a possible way to take them forward, and it seemed a simple enough process for Edinburgh singer/songwriter Callum Beattie who simply removed his first name in a minimalistic rebranding before releasing new single ‘We Are Stars’.

Beattie’s soft, yet confident Scottish voice leads the song, which builds up to something which sounds like many of its contemporaries in the charts at the moment, while also sounding as assured and professional.


Produced by David Whitmey (who has been involved with household names such as Take That and The Wanted), the track gives off a real sense of sophistication achieved both through the quality of production and through the songwriting; Beattie has been honing his skills on the Edinburgh live circuit for a few years now.

Overall, the first single post-name change is a very strong effort, and hopefully there is more to come from (Callum) Beattie

Words: Neil Hayton


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