Nieves at Tut’s, 20/9/14

Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time, I was last night, visiting King Tut’s for a beer I had the pleasure of witnessing Glasgow’s Nieves first ever gig, they were in a support slot, acts were on before and after them but they were all lost in the quality of this band.

The band start when pianist Herre de Leur and guitarist/vocalist Brendan Dafters got together in January to write some songs, tonight they play a six song acoustic set accompanied by a second guitar and a beat box producing a rich, sweet sound of such quality that the first note grabs your attention and wills you to take in more.


Vocally Dafters is perfect, unashamed to sing in his broad Glasgow accent his voice has a tone that is sweet yet anxious and gritty and delivers beautifully crafted lyrics with honesty, sincerity and depth.

The guys are on Soundcloud and their three available tracks all feature in their set list; ‘Winter’ is a lonely tale of a failed relationship featuring a picked guitar melody and soaring piano, ‘Symmetry’,  a gritty tale of teenage pregnancy in Glasgow, emotive story telling at its finest and the piano riff in ‘Straight Line’ is mesmerising, clean and fresh and is perfect with Dafters vocals.

These boys are good, they know they are and their confidence shines through the set, yet they seem humbled by the crowd’s reaction, unsigned at present they have a self published EP coming out, buy it and let your love affair begin.

These guys are on the road to better things and those at the gig last night witnessed the beginning.

Words/Photos: Peter Dorrington


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