The Deadline Shakes – ‘Slipping From Your Heart’ [Flowers In The Dustbin] 

Fresh from their track ‘Sweeten The Deal’ featuring in the People Make Glasgow advert from the dominant Commonwealth advertising, The Deadline Shakes have been making a noticeable impression.

Their new single, ’Slipping From Your Heart is a carbon copy of exactly what the band describes themselves as, “rock, pop, maybe some folk, it rolls and sometimes it bites”.


The song begins with a melancholy ode to a lover past and slowly descends in to a magnificent pop-rock powerhouse.

As they move from sad to powerful, their lyrics foreshadow what to expect as the lyrics proclaim: ’”you knew when i took your hand that I’d make you lonely, make you angry and see you sad”.

This song certainly takes you through this range of emotions with the six-piece taking you on a journey of ups, downs, soothing lullabies and loud guitars.

The instrumentals are impressive as the guitars, strings and piano create harmonious euphonies that allow each to not only stand out on their own but blend together as one.

‘Slipping From Your Heart’ is a melting pot of rock and pop that flows and swells to an altitude of pure enjoyment.

Words: Katharine Gemmell


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