Lower Than Atlantis, Decade, Yearbook at Tut’s, 16/7/14

A whirlwind of English bands blustered into King Tut’s this Wednesday night, and the wreckage is owed to the fact that Lower Than Atlantis have decided to play smaller shows for a more intimate feel in support of their newest record.

Intimacy was promised for the sold out show, and was certainly delivered.


First of the three bands to grace tonight’s stage are Yearbook who bring with them a vitality and sharp sound, they could be described as poppy, yet it still has noticeable draw from the two other bands playing, who are heavier by comparison.

Tonight is their first time in Glasgow and the nerves show while speaking to the audience – but when they play that melts away completely as the fizzy melodies alongside the annihilation of the drums prove that they have a lot more to give after their short but sweet set.

Decade, while a talented band, lack the same exuberance and stage presence of the band playing before them, this could be down to the fact that they have been a touring for a while, in fact playing their first headlining tour in this very venue just two months ago.

The impressive vocal ability of frontman Alex Sears, though does accommodate for the back and forth pacing that he seems to do continuously through the set; no matter, the crowd are suitably amped up due to the performance of the rest of the band who keep churning out high octane tunes and ensures that the crowd eat right out of the palms of their hands.

Finally, the moment that everyone has been waiting for arrives and the room goes to black, and Lower Than Atlantis walk on stage to a heroic welcome, their faces concealed by the stark back lighting.

Aswell as the show being seriously intimate, there is now added element of intensity, so much so that the energy in the room seems to explode when they begin playing – everyone effectively loses their shit, and rightly so.

Despite the demons that the band may have faced in the past, they do not let that flaw their live performance, in fact, they channel their emotions into their songs while they play; Mike Duce scopes out the audience many times during their set, boring right into the 300-strong crowd’s souls.

Their anthemic riffola keeps everyone up in arms, with guitarist Ben Sansom’s instrument even going a wander amid the arms, who carry it into the middle of the room where it is retrieved, and the on-going number of crowd surfers begin to die down, the show is wrapped up for the night.

Though ending without an encore, one thing’s for sure: Lower Than Atlantis are able to shine bright in through their dark, whether it be in a small venue, or beyond that.

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Words: Alisa Wylie
Photos: Andy Mills


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