Asian Babes/Future Glue – SexXx Tape [Fuzzkill]

At first glance this split tape between Asian Babes and Future Glue might seem a little bare, clocking in at just under 13 minutes, however track length is obviously not the main selling point here.

In typical Asian Babes fashion most of the tracks are short infectious punk blasts, on this tape however they seem far more frantic than usual, couple this with a newfound attitude surrounding and it’s a slightly different output from what fans may be used to.


While the tracks aren’t long and there’s no change in instrumentation they’re still catchy and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get these melodies stuck in my head for the next few days.

Future Glue provides an instant contrast to the upbeat wails of Asian Babe’s contributions, ‘Out Of Hand’ could easily slip into a spaghetti western or B movie soundtrack with its pounding drums and screeching guitars.

As the pace is picks up it becomes obvious why these two bands share a release, they both write great demented punk pieces; hopefully fans of each band will crossover and have another group to follow.

Words: Phil Allen


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