Dr Cosmos Tape Lab – Ever Evolving Lounge

Dr Cosmos Tape Lab is a collaboration between Glasgow artists Joe Kane (of popular tribute act Them Beatles) and Stu Kidd (of The Wellgreen & The BMX Bandits among others), and their DIY debut album Ever Evolving Lounge takes you on the most pleasant of psychedelic trips back to the glory days of 60’s pop music.

The album was recorded in Kane’s bedroom, and the title came from a fan Facebook competition, but there’s nothing cheap or home-made sounding in this release.


With harmonies, hooks and mad noises aplenty the band ask ‘Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?’, among nine other songs which pay homage to a multitude of influences, but with a combination of these influences to keep things fresh and original sounding.

One highlight is the post-Beatles McCartney-esque ‘Return To Nineteen Canteen’, a five minute gem, with the feel-good vibe which resonates through the entire album.

Wearing lab coats and lobster costumes on stage (and with a sci-fi concept album in the works), Kane and Kidd are obviously having a lot of fun with this project, which is reflected in their light-hearted and care-free songs on Ever Evolving Lounge.

Words: Neil Hayton


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