The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Mono, 1/7/14

There is something quite befitting that Mono play hosts to tonight’s show, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart similarly to the venue have that chilled out Sunday morning vibe to their music.

Moving away from the Jesus and Mary Chain sound that was stapled and stained across previous efforts, Days of Abandon is a record that jostles and jangles along quite nicely, reminiscent of the bouncier moments on 1992 Cure album Wish.


As a gathered crowd dissipating from the sunny outside begin to spill inside and amalgamate around centre stage awaiting the NYC quartet, the sense of anticipation begins to grow.

Opening with ‘Until the Sun Explodes’ taken from the most recent release, the band quickly set about attempting to unleash the shackles on a somewhat subdued crowd.

Playing a mixture of tracks from all three albums there is a genuine quirking quality to the sound coming from the four-piece perusing around the stage, the moodiness of the first two albums harnesses and contrasts well to the light and visceral vibes present in Days of Abandon, showcased at best when switching from 2009 melancholic anthem ‘Young Adult Friction’ to the vibrant and more recent ‘Life After Life’, a track where the female lead vocals add an extra spice and dynamic to proceedings.

A true indication of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s success in Glasgow tonight can be found in the fact that even the much withdrawn and passive hipsters in attendance have broken a sweat, a mere elbow patch worth, but a sweat nonetheless.

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Words: Chris Kelman
Photos: Michael Gallacher


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