Ex Wives – ‘Hoors’

Glasgow noiserockers Ex Wives are back with a new single, the succinctly titled ‘Hoors’, an unpredictable song, with its share of deft dynamic shifts.

Its first half oscillates between restrained, rhythmically stuttered segments that recall Uzeda, and more intense spurts during which Alastair Buckle’s vocals cut caustically through the abrasive instrumental racket.


The rhythm section are intelligent and efficient, with smart, expressive drumming and a wonderfully meaty bass tone underlying the angular guitar riffs.

The song changes pace halfway through, as the instruments dissolve by parts and a voice sample is introduced, which seems to consist of an ironic self-deprecating jab at the music’s lack of conventional structure.

A bold move, but it’s executed seamlessly and humorously, and provides a tasteful contrast to the preceding tumult.

The B-side rocks, simply put, featuring that familiar abrasive metallic guitar sound, it attacks from start to finish, and is a nice compliment to the previous track’s more mercurial charms.

Ex Wives certainly wear their influences on their sleeves, but nonetheless, they cannot be written off as merely a derivative bunch.

They have an ability and intelligence that elevates them above such denigration, and this is exhibited with gusto on ‘Hoors’.

Words: Lyle Simpson


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