Russian Ninjas – ‘We Are Anonymous’

Russian Ninjas follow-up to 2013’s well-received ‘Brush Your Tongue’ with new single ‘We Are Anonymous’.

With a similar sound to the first single, ‘We Are Anonymous’ has a strong focus on dynamics and intricate rhythms, with drummer James Allanach and bassist Daniel Strandberg providing a strong rhythmic backbone to the song.


Changes in melody and timing in the song appear seamless throughout, and the overall cleaner production (the song was recorded and mixed by Paul McInally of 45 A-side) makes this single sound more professional than the four-piece’s first outing.

From its lo-fi guitar intro through all of the crescendos and time changes, this song has enough in its four-minutes to keep any listener interested.

It appears that the Glasgow four-piece have found a winning formula when it comes to composing interesting and complex (yet accessible) indie music, and hopefully they can raise the bar even higher when it comes to release number three.

Words: Neil Hayton


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