Owls In Antarctica – ‘Ted Vera and the Clockwork Dog Brigade’

‘Ted Vera and the Clockwork Dog Brigade’ is the interestingly named new single from Owls In Antarctica.

This is their third release since their debut EP Princes first turned a few heads over a year ago and haven’t been strangers to the gigging circuit ever since, playing some powerhouse performances which has gained them a dedicated fan base and praise from the industry.


The single starts with a particularly dramatic and punchy interlude that serves as a flavoursome appetiser leaving you hungry for more.

This is followed by a transition into a haunting and opaque section where it is clear that they draw on Yourcodenameis:milo, who OIA who are self confessed fans of.

It is also the first time we hear Glenn Kennedy’s vocals, his distinct tone and interpretation of melody is one of OIA’s strongest points.

This section leads into a beautifully executed transition of segmented guitar bars that drops the listener into the heart of the track and this is where we get our first taste of OIA’s new found skill in song writing and we hear two sections that alternate between one and other.

The first is a simply constructed instrumental section that acts as a vehicle to carry Kennedy’s sincere and striking lyrics followed by a more pronounced riff and siren-like guitar work which is accompanied by the impressive drum grooves of White.

It is the first real hint of how far OIA have come from their previous release and shows a new level mastery and conviction to what is their unique sound.

A ground that OIA aren’t afraid to venture into is the inclusion of ‘scream’ vocals that only add to the emotion and desolate story the song tells and they create some striking harmonies in the process.

As the record progresses there is a deliberate effort to make sure there are no intended definitions between changing sections and we are treated to many and colourful nuisances which are frequent occurrences.

Near the middle of the track we are offered a section that gives the listener some respite before plunging us back into a riff-steeped melody whose construction is a huge hook in itself.

This all comes to a climatic end where OIA play a few bars of what you could say is a audible beat down on your cochlea’s with a dissonant and brutal riff section that would be sure to send any crowd into a flurry of fists and hair.

OIA have always held a foothold in the Glasgow music scene and with this release their hold only looks to strengthen.

OIA have surpassed the expectations held to this record and demonstrate that they have come a long way since sweet Princes, so we can only hope that there is more to come from OIA, who are quickly showing us that they are one Glasgow’s most exciting and distinct sounds.

Words: Euan Coe


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