Live Review: Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Stanley Odd at ABC, 16/1/14

stanleyoddEA-5Scottish nationalist hip-hop merchants Stanley Odd were one of the first acts to gain popularity during the latest wave of hip-hop to pass through the country, but tonight may be one of their biggest slots to date.

Lead vocalist Solareye’s raps run smoothly alongside newby Rebecca’s vocals, it’s easy to see why they are not only popular with their own fans but the fans of tonight’s headliners.


They manage to be very political, even when Solareye is freestyling, with some very pro-independence lyrics thrown in, what better way to share your opinion than to a packed ballroom and when the referendum is so close.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals might have aged but their vocals are still as good as they were when the first entered into the fray.

Looking like they were either at a casting for the Sopranos or auditioning as honorary members of Run DMC with their Adidas and suits, they have the stage presence of royalty and keep the audience going with their life quotes that seem to tie in with each track, very clever indeed.

There are so many different music styles when it comes to the FLC’s songs, transporting their audience through blues, then rock, to hip hop and then to a 70s soul, which helps set the scene better when the big disco ball lights up the room.

Singing the favourites like ‘Barry White’ and ‘Scooby Snacks’ and having everyone sing-along they seem really taken back by the positive reception, you’d think they’d be used to in by now, or maybe not as that Buzzcocks appearance might testify.

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Words: Lorraine Dimmock
Photos: Euan Robertson


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