Record review: Have Mercy Las Vegas – ‘Pappy’

CDBABYHave Mercy Las Vegas is set for a very exciting 2014 with the anticipation of their debut album looming, but the end of 2013 hasn’t been too shabby for this six-piece hailing from the banks of Loch Lomond.

Single ‘Pappy’, released in October, has received a phenomenal reception with their rowdy energy and fresh unique take on a once very traditional folk scene.


During the track the band culminates for what can only be described as a beautiful breakdown, it is clear these guys were made to make an atmosphere.

Along with the addition of a fast paced fiddle the band keep their witty sense of lyrical choice with lines such as: “My love is like a red red rose, stuffed up a junkies nose”.

Keeping to their Scottish roots on that one there but with the flair the band strives on – individuality.

This high spirited song with great wit and incredibly soothing instrumentals is all wrapped up in one thriving and crowd provoking single set to be a success well in to the New Year.

Have Mercy Las Vegas play King Tut’s New Year’s Revolution on January 5.

Words: Leigh-Ann Bennett


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