Record Review: Dante – Wake

a3206645522_10Edinburgh five-piece Dante mix rock and Scottish folk to create music that rather beautiful.

Opener, ‘Son’ has a typical upbeat and cheerful Scottish vibe about it emphasised by the vocal delivery and lyrics that give it a personal feel (“your fingers cling to my thumbs”, “it’s only you and I”).


The acoustic sounding ‘Ghost’ sounds more like a folk song than the rest due to the prominent use of string and the lyrics only emphasis this; it draws listeners in with its honest sounding melody and its traditional Scottish vibes, while the soft, ghostly female backing vocals are quite effective in giving the track atmosphere.

‘Firework’ really highlights the Scottish accent, while female vocals appear again but are stronger and while the lyrics take a back seat they are beautiful (“but I’m not looking for the fireworks any more”, “we’ll watch them fall down”).

The calming instrumental ‘Monument’ is soft and quiet to start but it gradually builds into something more as heartbeat like drums soon start adding to the relaxing beat of the track.

Standout ‘Wake’ is another soft song that bursts to life about one minute in, the lyrics are hauntingly good (“drag me by the soul to where I’m from”, “there was hope here once, I swear I knew it”); the song makes you miss home and reminds you of the warm memories of your past.

Another album standout, ‘Northern Lights’ starts out very chilling with a hollow sounding melody and deep, heavy piano notes, while the lyrics demonstrate a very dark feel only amplifying the chilling feel before ‘This Island’ closes the album on a more light hearted, peaceful melody.

Overall, Wake is a good album with delightful melodies and beautiful words; it’s well worth a listen to.

Words: Alison Kyle


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