Record review: Bearpit Brothers – Bearpit Brothers

bearpitbrotherscdcover300dpiBearpit Brothers deliver their first official release in the size of a nostalgic and romantic EP.

Citing Richard Hawley, Roy Orbison and The Beatles as influences, it is difficult not to dismiss Bearpit Brothers as a throwback band, however there is certainly some charm in their Scottish take on Americana.


The EP consists mainly of solid group vocals, predictable chord progressions and guitar solos.

Opening track ‘I’m at Sea’ sets an easy-listening tone with wistful lyrics of love, while the dramatically titled, ‘The Burden of Your Cross’ features more of the same plus a catchy chorus and in ‘Don’t You Wish’ we hear lyrics of old friendship over the background noise of a crowded pub.

‘Blue Boy’ is the standout track, it takes a distanced look at the naivety of young love, with the band’s vocal power at its strongest on the chorus (“he’s always on the make / looking for the girl”).

Billed as music “thirty years in the making” this venture has been their first chance to record something tangible for these guys and they have kept to a well-practiced formula.

Bearpit Brothers may not be ground-breaking, but with a sense of humour and support from a loyal fan base acquired over the years, the band have produced a quality, 60s inspired EP.

Words: Ellen MacAskill


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