Live review: Disclosure, Flume, Friend Within at Academy, 20/11/13

Disclosure2Before tonight’s show you go in discussing how the young Surrey brothers are going to reproduce an album live that featured such a strong list of vocal contributors; post show you don’t really care that the only guest to join the duo on stage is ‘Voices’ vocalist Sasha Keable, as Disclosure succeed in creating one of the most uplifting club atmospheres you’ll witness in a gig time slot.

First though, mysterious Liverpool house producer Friend Within warms the crowd up from behind the decks and Australian electronic artist Flume, who despite reaching the top of the charts back home is a somewhat unknown to the majority in attendance tonight.


His set sees him bobbing around from behind a desk creating a wonderful array of textured beats that would get a crowd moving if it was only a few hours later.

Like Disclosure, on record he uses a lot of guest vocalists, and while the set doesn’t suffer too much from a lack of them it could do with some focal point so the growing amount of youngsters don’t just dismiss him as background before the main event.

By the end of his set it’s safe to say Flume will return to Glasgow at a more appropriate setting and time, and gain a more deserved reaction.

Poor reaction isn’t something Disclosure suffer from though, everyone cram packed into the Academy tonight, young and old, is buzzing for this, and if they’re not the sheer force of the duo’s uplifting pop leaning dance soon gets them in the party mood.

Their debit album, Settle, which came out earlier this year, hit the rights notes to access the mainstream, hitting the number one spot in the charts and having a couple of top ten singles to date, and it’s hard to argue the boys don’t deserve it.

Yes. Settle isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but it recycles plenty of influences that are beyond the possibilities of the Lawrence brothers experiencing first time round, but what they have done is take this collection of dance influences and produce a refreshingly pop record.


Still, as soon as romantic house track ‘F for You’ opens proceedings things just escalate to a full on dancathon as the duo deliver from their respective stations, while visuals create a pleasant focal point as the set builds to a euphoric status.

The majority of the album is present in the set tonight, along with a few cuts from early EPs only considered as bonus material for the album, and not one track drops the energy, these’s no time for pauses or encores for the danger of killing the up it’s that full on.

The mid set arrival of the aforementioned Keable, for UK garage influenced ‘Voices’, sets the show apart from a club set, not that any real distinction needs to be made.

In fact it’s a credit to these guys that they can create this buzzing club atmosphere this early in the evening and rather scary to think what they could do post midnight in The Arches, whether that is likely to happening depends on future outings, but on current projectorary it’s more likely we’ll be seeing them at the Hydro next time around.

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Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Jayjay Robertson


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