Live Review: The Kevin Says Tour featuring iTCH, RDGLDGRN, The Hype Theory, Ghost Town at Tut’s, 9/11/13

iTCH3Warped tour is an American phenomenon, a tour that sees some of the biggest and best punk tinged bands and artists touring America and Canada together for an entire summer.

Only recently have they started bringing it to the UK, this year, Warped Tour UK was held in London, for two nights in November, however, for people who were unable to make it, a tour was devised of some acts playing the show, to tour the rest of the UK.


That’s exactly what this is, the tour consists of Ghost Town, The Hype Theory, RDGLDGRN and iTCH.

I was busy interviewing iTCH and missed most of Ghost Town’s set, however of what I saw, they were good, like Sleeping with Sirens without the arrogance.

They have a hoard of teenage girls screaming every time they breath, which is slightly off-putting, however they only play a few song before they disappear.
After they’re exit, the majority of the crowd leave, only thirty or forty people stay to enjoy the rest of the show.

iTCH1The Hype Theory are a female fronted band from Essex, their sound is that of early Paramore and they successfully manage to win over the audience with their jokes about Essex and the stereotypes associated with it.

The crowd is really just desperate for iTCH by this point and not really paying attention, so they give away t-shirts in order to keep the crowd awake and entertained.

Next is American hip-hop group RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green), who have been massively hyped online as they’ve worked with Dave Grohl, however they didn’t connect with the audience whatsoever.

They encourage the crowd to dance along, but they were having none of it, after the first two pop punk acts RDGLDGRN just don’t fit in, eventually, they left the stage without even saying a ‘thank you’ or a ‘goodbye’, leaving the stage to get set up for iTCH.

However, it isn’t until well over half an hour later that iTCH finally takes the stage, he opens with newest single ‘Homeless Romantic’, which few people sang along to.

The majority of the crowd are waiting to hear songs by iTCH’s old band The King Blues, but they are to be disappointed as iTCH performs an entire set solo material, most of which hasn’t even been released yet.

As usual, iTCH is very anti-establishment even ranting about how the police “can’t be trusted”; his unusual stage set up, his band members all wearing masks, is slightly confusing and comes with no explanation – he does go on to announce that this is his first tour completely drug free, before almost crying.

After a quick half-hour set, iTCH leaves the stage, promising to meet everyone at the merch stall, although not many do.

Next year, hopefully, the tour will have a more cohesive line up to stop people leaving after just one band, like the majority of the audience tonight.

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Words: Jessica Turner
Photos: Jayjay Robertson


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