Live Review: Har Mar Superstar, Lizzo, Mosa Funk Club at Tut’s, 18/11/13

Har Mar3Har Mar Superstar’s anticipated tour of the new album, Bye Bye 17, is truly welcomed by his fans, who look as though they are here to see some heavy rock act, which shows that Har Mar Superstar can capture any type of audience with his wacky personality and showmanship.

First up is Mosa Funk Club, a six piece local band, that bring a mixture of soul, funk and disco to the night, a very feel good type of band with upbeat tracks such as ‘Do It’, ‘Takes a Lot of Power’ and the band’s favourite ‘Board Games’ that has the crowd clapping along.


Next up is tour support Lizzo, a female hip hop artist from Minneapolis, who has brought along fellow hip hop artist Sophia Erris, who has the crowd dancing and participating in Lizzo’s appropriate track ‘I Kilt It’.

Belting out the hit ‘Batches & Cookies’ they show resemblances of a two-piece Salt N Pepper with the attitude of Missy Elliot and a mixture of vocal sound of Eve and Nicki Minaj

Har Mar2It is obvious why Har Mar Superstar is the headliner, his extravagant costume coincides with his excellent attempt at a street dance and this alongside his other electric dance moves just add to his upbeat sound.

He has his own cult followers that can sing-along to every track and copy the dance moves; you could mistake Har Mar Superstar as a comedy act by his appearance, but when you hear how good his voice is you know he is no joke.

The man from the Vladivar vodka adverts is a legend and brings a show that has the audience captivated from start to finish, the only negative about the show is everyone expected to see him down to his tighty whites, but only managed to strip off his top layers exposing the beer belly that has the girls going wild.

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Words: Lorraine Dimmock
Photos: Jayjay Robertson


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