Record review: Young Aviators – ‘We’ve Got Names For Folk Like You’

a2863616901_10When I first heard the 2013 debut album Self Help from Glasgow three-piece Young Aviators back in May, I knew immediately that ‘We’ve Got Names For Folk Like You’ would be a single.

The track is essentially a groovy-built floor-filler, which shows a perfect example of garage-rock music blended with faultless lyrics that flow off Declan Mackay’s tongue like poetry.


The lyrics to this track have a clear sense of aggravation towards a certain group of people and their woeful lifestyle, with lines such as “Are you evil? Are you riotous? Are you something in between?” and “I pray for bolts of lightning to come knocking at your door”.

“’We’ve Got Names’ is a song that rejects mainstream culture and its obsession with personal gain,” says McKay, “a song that laments the self motivation at the heart of everything… a song for the corporate lizard men, f**king with humanity”.

The most impressive factor in this track is the huge sound in which Young Aviators are able to achieve with only three members, showing their confidence in their ability and how they aren’t afraid to go that stage further.

This is clearly heard in the chorus where the guitar, bass and drums thrash along to Mackay’s powerful strap-line “Yeaaaaaaaah, we’ve got names for folk like you” which really is on the fine line between singing and screaming (a hard pitch to achieve for vocalists) yet again showing the true aggressive emotion behind the track.

Besides for the fact that they are both Glasgow bands, Young Aviators show a very much Franz Ferdinand approach with ‘We’ve Got Names For Folks Like You’ with their rough effects and the catchy twang of the guitar.

For being a young band, Young Aviators certainly have a lot to say about today’s society and the people within it, but when done in the right manner, which the band have accomplished, this only draws the listener in even more.

Words:  Aidan McConachie


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