Record Review: Honeyblood- ‘Bud’ [Fat Cat]

tumblr_mta45g14z71rs7sgso1_400Honeyblood is Glasgow’s most recent buzz band, the duo are self-proclaimed “noisy Scottish girls”, drummer Shona McVicar and guitarist/vocalist Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale.

They have an impressive resume, having already toured with big acts such as Sleigh Bells, Palma Violets, Deap Valley and have taken to the stage for NME.


With a few exceptions when thinking of a duo; you think of quiet, calm music, which may not be too interesting Honeyblood are quite the opposite.

They are fierce in a sweet, captivating way; the twangy guitar and thumping drums exude raw power, screaming “I will be heard” and you would be a fool not to listen.

Their debut single embodies everything you would hope to hear in a track, they channel a Palma Violets vibe with the rawness of the guitar and its stripped back, natural sound, the undertone of jangly punk is authentic and pure, rarely to be heard in music these days.

As a duo, they fit perfectly together, each beat, each strum fits cohesively to give the track body.

The chorus section is intense; they are incredibly capable of allowing the song to musically escalate while emotion pours through, the harmony of the vocals drives this section perfectly.

Honeyblood are sonically distinctive, the driven guitar hooks, which crunch through the track is a contrast to Tweeddale’s syrupy vocals, melting over the chaotic backing music.

The Glasgow music scene has already been revitalised with their fresh sound and energy.

As a band they will have sweaty clubs pack with dancing bodies, eagerly waiting what they will produce next.

Honeyblood is destined for big things; they are a unique, talented and interesting band, which has definitely carved a place for themselves in music.

‘Bud’ is exciting and innovative; it will be interesting to see the direction they take in the future.

Words: Kimi Inglis


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