Live review: The Telescopes at Tut’s, 25/10/2013

telescopes_web6Stephen Lawrie, the remaining founding member of The Telescopes, states that their name refers to things “beyond the realm of natural vision”.

Tonight he performs with members of local noise mongers St Deluxe and kneeling at their feet, howling into the microphone he cuts a shamanic figure.

Surpassing mere “shoegaze” with distorted guitars and rumbling bass frequencies, they create a mystical wall of noise that feels truly psychedelic.

There is a genuinely transcendental quality to this partly improvised music, time falls away, being in the room is a foundation shaking experience, and not just because of the volume.

The Telescopes quite literally create “good vibes” having tuned to the frequencies of the universe.

If you’ve heard the tale about the Nazis retuning music to 440Hz that the stoned guy at a party eventually talks about… whether or not there is something in this is best left to the enlightened, clearly it resonates with The Telescopes, their recent two track long player ‘Harm’ (recorded with, among others, members of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and an outfit called somewhat appropriately, LSD and The Search For God) was made at 444Hz, tuned to the so called “healing frequency”.

Whatever the cause, it seems to make the music work on a higher level.

The only disjoint is Lawrie calling on the drummer to speed up for the comparatively aggressive ‘Suicide’ at the end of the set, but they soon find their groove and return a scouring finale.

This gig is a visceral onslaught leaving the room speechless, spiritually cleansed and floating several feet off the floor.

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Words: Lucy Brouwer
Photos: Michael Gallacher

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