Record review: Imaginary Witch – Pylon Idol Alarms

avatars-000049419154-c3yxp2-cropHere’s another fresh, modern take on Scottish music; pseudo-intellectual pop duo Imaginary Witch have created Scottish album with difference.

Pylon Idol Alarms is great, it’s new and edgy, something that should fit right into the charts; it won’t, but it should.


The album consists of twelve tracks, which were recorded in a six-hour window; each including elements of pop and rock and Glasgow based group  from the outset went with the focus of being more about their music than being as they put it “the perfect product”.

Their aim with Pylon Idol Alarms was to get across a fun element and for people just to enjoy their music, and for a band that has only been formed for two years Imaginary Witch have crafted their own individual sound and style and know what they are aiming for.

Imaginary Witch seem set to change your outlook on Scottish music for all the right reasons, Pylon Idol Alarms is a great first album, which they produced for all of £20 and it is sure worth it; definitely worth a listen.

Words: Lindsay McEwen 


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