Watch New Camera Obscura Video For ‘Troublemaker’



The bold and upbeat ‘Troublemaker’, the latest cut from Camera Obscura’s fifth studio album, Desire Lines (“Immaculate.” MOJO ****), has been given the sci-fi treatment in their latest video, which premieres today.
Directed by long-time collaborator Blair Young, ‘Troublemaker’ finds Tracyanne Campbell and co. in mischievous mood, with appearances from the stars of the ‘French Navy’ video plus cameos from Camera Obscura themselves.
Shot on location in the band’s hometown of Glasgow, it recalls the much-loved British science fiction TV programmes of yesteryear.
Originally conceived by Blair and Camera Obscura’s resident sci-fi expert Gavin Dunbar, the latter takes us through the thought process behind the ‘Troublemaker’ video –

We tend to make videos on a bit of a tight budget, and when it came to making a new video for ‘Troublemaker’ I was thinking about what summed up the sound of the song: futuristic in an 80s way.

“Then I thought about what would make a video that looked futuristic in an 80s way and on a tight budget, and British Sci-Fi jumped out at me.

“Some great programmes I grew up watching all tended to be made on tight budgets, never as glossy as their US cousins; they settled for a more down-to-earth (or stuck on earth) look. BBC TV’s Doctor Who (50 this year) had its hero trapped on earth to save on space travel for much of the 70s.

“For the far future, the crew of Blake’s 7 spent an awful lot of time in contemporary power stations. Day Of The Triffids’ desolate London streets and deadly plants seemed far creepier than Star Trek ever could.

“ITV’s TheTomorrow People and Sapphire And Steel were earthbound and concerned themselves with telepathy and time rather than space.

“So ‘Troublemaker’ is a tribute to the British Sci-Fi of yesteryear, low budget and futuristic in an 80s way. It’s also a postcard from Glasgow.

“It occurred to me that cult Sci-Fi classic Death Watch (1980) being filmed in our fair city gave us an opportunity to re-visit some of the shots from there, thirty three years on.

“We hope we’ve done these shows justice and it recreates a feel that made geeks of so many of us back in the day.”

Currently on maternity leave (Tracyanne has just become a mum), Camera Obscura have recently released a special edition double-7″ vinly featuring recent singles ‘Do It Again’ and ‘Break It To You Gently’ plus two brand new songs ‘Making Money’ and ‘Swallows’.

They hope to make a live return in 2014.


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