Record Review: Le Thug – Ripping

a4108641345_10The new EP from Glasgow based Le Thug is something that thrives on fuzzy distortion and out of this world soundscapes – or at least out of this city.

The opening, heavily sustained notes of ‘Tenerife’ sound like something off a My Bloody Valentine demo, not as full bodied but with the same ethereal groaning guitars and thudding, muted drums.


As much as I try and fail to avoid comparisons, the MBV parallel continues on the second track ‘Bird’, where subtle vocals are delicately mixed in with the hazy instrumental atmosphere.

One of the trio, synth player Danny McColgan has described their music as “abrasive ambience”, emphasising that basic lo-fi complies nicely with their minimalist ethos.

Along with guitarist/vocalist Michael Gilfedder and Cleo Maclellan (vocals), the three recorded this slowly boiling electronica in McColgan’s attic, probably on a Mac, and is the result of the typical story of longtime friends finally pulling off their chat and making some music.

Although this might sound cynical, my hat tips to Le Thug (I don’t know how, but apparently the ‘Le’ refers to their ambient side, and ‘Thug’ to their more drone-based sounds).

Unlike most of us they have created something that is not only enjoyable, but relatively intelligent; and I’ve always been a fan of the enjoyable and relatively intelligent soundscape.

Words: Alexandra Embiricos


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