Record review: The Violet Moses – Keep It On The Inside

164619_648000718545269_2153888_nThe Violet Moses will be big one day – they won’t be influential, or even make that much of a difference, but they will be big, as long as they keep churning out tunes like ‘Keep It On The Inside’.

There’s pleasant guitar riffs, stop/start drums, repeated verses, Weezer-like feedback building up to the chorus, screams to please the fans of such neutered pop-punk; everything a second-tier teen anthem needs.


Meanwhile, slightly annoying vocals sooth your vulnerable emotions with tried-and-tested treatments for a broken heart: “even though you’re sore/keep it on the inside”.

Blast it non-stop for one week – not two, not three, just one – then let it become a purply-white blip on your iTunes search bar – job done.

Words: Andrew Maguire


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