Record review: Emma’s Imagination – Underway [Pebble Island]

EP Cover JpegIt’s been two years since Emma’s Imagination‘s debut album Stand Still – a pleasant full-length, the perfect soundtrack to a sunny day with outbreaks of rain.

That sunny day turns to night with Underway where the handful of tracks become more sombre and dreamy.


The lone guitar intro of ‘Let You Go’ sets the tone for the whole album – this is a stripped down affair, with Emma Gillespie’s songbird voice front and centre.

‘Pour It Out’ is a song dancing with champagne in a cocktail dress, while ‘All About You’ has a hypnotic “nanana na na” refrain backed by the heartbeat of a drum.

Gillespie’s cover of ‘Change’ by Deftones is also featured, and is every bit as captivating as the original.

While not as grand or as genre-spanning as Stand Still, Underway is a marching and enjoyable go-between until the next Emma’s Imagination full-length is released.

Words: Scott Wilson


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