Record review: Be Like Pablo – ‘Without the Pain’ [Stray Cat]

44image001With summer season rapidly approaching closure for another year and dark nights becoming more and more inevitable, thank god for Be Like Pablo, who deliver a cocktail of sunshine and melancholic saccharine delight with latest single ‘Without the Pain’.

Opening with a concocted little synth line, the song suddenly explodes into a basking of melodic guitars and strongly diluted harmonic vocals, throw in a cheeky interchanging rap from Scottish rapper Kuda and suddenly we have the ingredients to a smashing pop rock ditto of nourishing goodness.


With a relaxed and introverted laid back take on feel good music, it is no wonder this intelligent and quirky rural Scottish quintet are being compared to the likes of Weezer and the Lemonheads, well worth a listen, best served over a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Words: Chris Kelman


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