Record review: Poor Things – Hurricane Poor Things [Vinyl Ritchie]

a3188886240_10Poor Things, from their name inspired by Glasgow legend Alisdair Grey to their happy-go-lucky, rain-will-never-get-to-me energy are just the remedy for long rainy days.

Hurricane… is a mix mash of everything bubblegum rock, from the twangy guitar intro of the opening track ‘Beachcomber” to its euphoria laden refrain “teenage dreams will never die”.

There is the strong smell of early Pavement about them, with their up-beat couldn’t care less optimism, Poor Things comprised of Craig Angus (guitar/vocals), Richard Stratton (bass, guitar, vocals) and Gavin Redford (drums), sound like a bunch of teenagers jamming at a sun-drenched house party.

Interestingly, their rough around the edges compositions along with Angus’ sometimes wavering, but always optimistic vocals combine to make an enjoyable listen with enough depth of sentiment to propel their third release though to the final track ‘Ice Cream’.

A personal favorite moment is Angus waxing lyrical about love, “the honeycomb in your ice cream cone”; an enjoyable change of pace from the usually post-rock drenched Glasgow scene.

It is interesting to learn that despite their lyrically juvenile tunes (‘Happy Liar’s’ jealously and teenage angst ridden “when did my reflection turn to rust/my future turn to dust”), that Poor Things have been playing together for over ten years.

Started up in school originally playing “Nirvana covers on Friday nights” the trio have stuck together and braved the ups and downs of teenagerdom, university, and young adulthood together, with their Smashing Pumpkins-esque crescendos and timeless combinations.

It seems that all their hard work has paid off, with a slot at this year’s T in the Park, this summer couldn’t get any better.

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Words: Alexandra Embiricos

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