Record review: Homework – 13 Towers


13 Towers marks the return of Edinburgh electro-rock quartet Homework from under the limelight, the four boys from the capital are back with another LP, mixing guitar, bass and drums with “synthexperimentations”.


According to frontman Oliver Kass: “13 Towers is built on a live set that we’d spent a year or so pulling together; in some ways the sound of the band is already beginning to move on again (the record was finished last summer) but it’s a record we are all proud of.”

Pride is the right word, the album is well structured and the band keeps pushing the barriers of the synthesized beats without pushing their sound off the pop rails.

The band seems to be very proud of their extended perfectionism when it comes to mix every single track of their album, as a matter of fact every song seems to have undergone a series of patient look-overs.

The album strikes with its different layers and collides into one symbiotic entity epitomized by the resounding final track ‘Tesla’, which invites us into an electric delirium of guitars and drums.

Many reviews have placed Homework into the pile of electro-pop revival, however one should not underestimate their ability to switch the rock button whenever it is required.

13 Towers is an obscure album that contains a lot of craftsmanship, from the eccentric ‘Cairo’ and its organic resonance to the deep and loud ‘The Edge of Control Was Black’.

The album is opaque and exhilarating, all those emotions are exposed by their intelligent use of the synthesizers.

The lyrics are incrusted methodically, “Push further down, push further in”, offering the listener an insight into the band’s environment and ambitions.

With 12 tracks on the LP, 13 Towers seems to be addressed to everyone, if those 12 songs appear to be the first 12 towers maybe the band is letting us know that we are all part of the 13th tower and that our opinions really matters to them.

Homework is a band on the rise, worth checking out and if guitars should replace their synths they would be one of the loudest bands you will ever listen to.

Words: Jeremy Veyret


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