Record review: Sparrow and the Workshop – ‘Shock Shock’ [Song, by Toad]


It is hard to believe that it has been three years since Sparrow and the Workshop released Crystals Fall, making a reasonable splash in the local periphery in the process.


In the three years that have followed, we have seen band upon band utilise the delicate recipe of interchanging male and female vocals, expressed most effectively in the harmonic functionality found in a Best Coast or Blood Red Shoes record.

That is why it was always going to be important that the Glasgow trio hit the ground running with long awaited comeback single ‘Shock, Shock’.

Taking the solid groundwork of Crystals Fall and mixing it with the rhythmic tremors of fantastic second album Spitting Daggers, Sparrow and the Workshop have produced a single here that is a natural progression.

There are subtly placed slide guitars and carefully patterned vocal melodies which slice and dice emphatically into each other creating a diverse catering of layered summer pop.

With a new album due for imminent release, ‘Shock Shock’ is a fairly portioned starter that leaves just enough of an appetite for the main course.

Words: Chris Kelman


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