Record review: Homework – ‘It’s All Over’

1It's All Over

‘It’s All Over’ is the latest single from Scottish four-piece Homework, who hail from the exotic outposts of Inverness, Mull and Dumfries.


‘Homework’ was, of course, the title of the seminal debut album from Daft Punk that reinvigorated electronic music at the end nineties and there’s evidence of the robotic duo’s influence at work here.

Once you get past the generic title however, the squawky Casio bleeps of ‘It’s All Over’ actually come closer to a Scottish Hot Chip voguing to a confident bass strut that nods to Metronomy’s electro-pop swagger.

Live drums give it a more naturalistic feel but bar a promising introduction Homework could still use a lesson in the French duo’s ecstatic sense of build and release, to really carry the listener along.

Though ultimately ‘It’s All Over’ falls a little flat hopefully their amalgam of indie and electronic influences will balance a little more easily on upcoming debut album 13 Towers, due at the end of the month.

They’ve done their homework but it waits to be seen whether they’ve made the grade.


Homework play Flat 0/1 on March 13th

Words: Max Sefton


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