Record review: Pronto Mama – ‘Rubber’


Meshing together jazz, contemporary pop and a whole host of funk and fun Pronto Mama have brought to life a lovely little single.


Anchored by a float of jagged funky guitars, a delightful saxophone and patterned raspy vocals ‘Rubber’ evolves into a complete free for all as it rushes towards climax.

Describing their sound as a progressive indie math pop band is a little on the pretentious side, and to be honest this track sounds absolutely nothing like any of that.

Pronto Mama have, however, honed and evolved their sound delicately since the release of Lickety Lick last summer.

Final product is a complete treat, if this is a sign of things to come from the sextet this year then it may yet be possible that the brightest days are still to come.

Even if they aren’t, this song on face value is a wee stoater.

Words: Chris Kelman


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