Record review: Campfires in Winter – ‘White Lights’


Coating themselves in an entrenchment of beautifully brushing drums and colloquial tidy guitar strokes Croy quartet Campfires in Winter have you right where they desire before the minute long intro has even came to a conclusion and the opening words from Robert Canavan are spoken.


There are certain elements within ‘White Lights’ that hark back to the realism delivered on an Arab Strap record.

For example, the dark honesty placated within ironically driven lyrics could easily have come from the rasping dry mouth of Aidan Moffat.

“I’ll lie and pretend it’ll all be okay, that someone has taken the spiders away”, there is a charming anecdote encapsulated in these words, the irrational fears that lie dormant until something small exposes them and places a magnifying glass on the issue.

‘Cardboard Ships’ is the haunting and more delicate relative of ‘White Lights’, where the lead single thrills and intensifies – the b-side simmers and reflects.

Contrasting and complimenting each other, both songs work well together.

There is a slight strangling of Idlewild and My Latest Novel within the latter, but its fine, because ultimately Campfires in Winter have mixed all concoctions and influences to create an original sound that they should further hone in 2013.

Words: Chris Kelman


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