Record review: The Deadline Shakes – ‘Boy’ [Flowers In The Dustbin]


Having played the opening night of Rave Child’s new showcase in Broadcast, The Deadline Shakes are starting to build up a following on the Glasgow scene for their quirky, scratchy indie-pop.


New single ‘Boy’ starts out with folksy acoustic guitar and swooning vocals.

The lovelorn duo of Greg Dingwall and Iain McKinstry coo “I only wanna be your boy” before the track opens up into a sparkling, synth driven coda.

There are hints here of nineties Brit-rock like Sterephonics but without Kelly Jones’ gruff rasp.

Overall, it’s impressive for a band that are only six months old to produce something so whistle-able, though the challenge could be injecting some grit into a relatively clean-cut sound.

Words: Max Sefton


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