Record review: So Many Animal Calls – ‘She Was Speaking From the Bottom of the Sea’ [Overlook]


Glasgow quartet So Many Animal Calls describe themselves as “fail-popers”, answers on a postcard to what musical genre that actually falls under because I am absolutely snookered.


What I do know is that the latest single from the band is drenched in a saccharine induced coma of melodies, harmonies and addictive throwbacks akin to power pop kings Jimmy Eat World.

While this release hardly reinvents or brings anything new to the table, it more than makes up for it with a blanket of swirling contagious rhythms.

Having already generated quite a fair bit of radio play, this single will surely ensure this trend continues well into the New Year.

Mark So Many Animal Calls under the ones to watch in 2013 category.


Words: Chris Kelman


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