Record review: Collar Up – ‘Tonight’ [Permwhale]


Firstly, let’s acknowledge the clever band name reference to ‘being cool’.


Now that that’s done with ‘Tonight’ can be your next favourite track.

Straight away, you may think of The Smashing Pumpkins ‘Tonight’, a lot to live up to, but it holds it’s ground and there’s similarities in places (not lyrically, other than the title word, obviously) but this is a sister only in name, the blood here is entirely independent.

Frantic pianos and intense guitar feedback subtly splashed as an undercoating, with resonating vocals, think 2011 ‘Horrors’ and you’re on the right track.

Reasonably introvert, while retaining melodies, ‘Tonight’ won’t have every fan at a gig singing along but maybe they’ll be too busy being stunned into silent submission by the emotion injected into the vocals, this trio have put their souls on show here.

Download ‘Tonight’ here


Words: Ryan Sharpe


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