Record review: The Deadline Shakes – ‘Don’t You Be Too Cool’ [Flowers In The Dustbin]


If you only hear one fun ‘indie pop’ record this year… then you’ve been living under a rock, or spend too much time on Radio 4.


Either way ‘Don’t You Be Too Cool’ is as fun and simple as any decent jaunty post-brit pop indie pop record could be.

Yes, it’s a little cliché in places and never really pushes boundaries, but who cares, Julian Casablancas would be proud.

If the mid west blues tone of the guitar doesn’t charm you then the Zutons-esque vocals will, it even comes with a fun game of ‘this sounds like…someone’ to keep you amused.

“I hope you won’t be too cool”, never truer a chorus was sung to match a track, The Deadline Shakes have avoided arty pretentiousness and have made a fun, enjoyable record that at the very least will have your feet popping along without you even noticing and it’s on their website for free, put it on your iPod and forget about it for a week, it’ll come back around as a little gem.

Words: Ryan Sharpe


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