Record review: Gav Prentice – The Invisible Hand [Instinctive Racoon]


Gav Prentice, more commonly known as half of chirpy upbeat rockers Over The Wall, has decided got go it alone for The Invisible Hand.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag held together by Prentice’s guitar and vocals work, which dominate most of this instrumentally minimalist album.

There is a distinctly lo-if sound to this album which suites it well.

‘Give It Up’ has a sense of urgency to it, Prentice’s voice sounds vaguely familiar but it’s difficult to put your figure on exactly where you’ve heard it before.

‘Coatbridge 1967’ looks back to the past with a certain nostalgia and is also peppered with religious ideas.

The album is clearly quite personal, which may be why Prentice had decided to go solo.

The album ends with a cover of ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ and Prentice manages to add something different to the lovelorn Burns ballad.

The album is lyrically very honest and raw which suites the nature of the record and Prentice’s voice.

The Invisible Hand hangs together well and is a great listen, if Over The Wall ever ends (which we sincerely hope it won’t) Prentice will be able to carve out an equally successful, if more solemn, solo career judging by this debut.

Words: Eala MacAlister


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