Live review: Liars at SWG3, 11/10/12

Liars have changed a lot over the years; they’re familiar to plenty as that ear shatteringly intense noise rock act that produced Drum’s Not Dead back in 2006 but six years later they’re more likely to have you up on the dance floor with new wave tinged experimental rock.


Tonight the Aussie trio are adorned in the suits they have been sporting for most of their recent shows, a slick yet odd look that the band seem to take on with slight humour intended.

The majority of tonight’s set is taken from new album WIXIW, easily their most accessible to date and this new found accessibility shines through tonight as the band drop beats which may draw a smirk when their back catalogue is considered, but put into context this is a band toying with their sound and doing so very successfully.

First single from WIXIW  ‘No. 1 Against the Rush’ is the perfect example of this sound as a twitching twinkling synth is cast against Angus Andrew’s settling, smooth vocals, but live this track in enhanced by beats coming in big and bold and the band carry things out with devastating precision.

There’s no doubt as the set progresses that Andrew is the focal point, the long haired frontman seems to have a constant grimace on his face but the passion driven into his vocals is clear and his bizarre dance moves just go further to capture the crowds imagination.

That’s not to say the rest of the band don’t have there merits too, Andrew is keen to sing the praises to birthday boy and the calm collected figure on synths of Aaron Hemphill, and band drummer Julian Gross, who hop between instruments tonight, seems more settled and on the beat than he has in past performances.

The audience lap up all the new stuff with joy as Liars provide ample dance floor teasing numbers for the sadly below capacity SWG3 crowd, but it is when they pull out old classics like the blood pumping noise of ‘Plaster Casts of Everything’ and the building intensity of ‘Scarecrows on a Killer Slant’ that Liars seen to go into their own.

All in all it’s engrossing stuff and as they close on new album standout ‘Brats’ it’s difficult to draw out any faults, aside it could have been a bit longer than the solitary hour they play for.

Liars have an intense power to capture an audience and their delivery is next to none, they provide fun and engrossment in equal measure in what could easily be one the enjoyable sets you’ll see in Glasgow in a while.


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