Live review: PAWS (album launch), North American War at CCA, 4/10/12


The last time Rave Child reviewed PAWS live was a bit of a shambles… let us just say the reviewer let us down, PAWS frontman Phil Taylor kicked him out the Sleazy’s fire escape and the bouncers kicked him out of the venue.

This time there’s no such problems; any trouble caused would have quickly been drowned out by one of the most energetic crowds Glasgow’s seen in a long time.

Since that time PAWS have come along way, as the ever likeable three-piece were signed to Fat Cat, have released an EP and tonight sees the launch of their debut album, Cokefloat.

First up, aren’t the promised rum and Coke floats but the maybe not as sweet and novel, but surely as enjoyable North American War, “not mediafire” as drummer Kevin Frew points out with an accusing glance at bassist Paul Choi, who had previous branded the drum kit so.

The Glasgow four-piece don’t let down as their lush feedback ladened sound combined with Anna Schneider’s almost distant yet engaging vocals quickly silence the growing crowd.

While the comparisons with Sonic Youth are old hat, these guys have come a lot further than that, a vast range of American alternative is clearly present but then it is, and more so, with tonight’s headliners too.

NAW are a band that have grown a lot since their Sleazy’s staff band formation a few years ago and it’s only justified they should be riding PAWS’ success on portions of their upcoming UK tour.

Is it too soon to tout them as Fat Cat’s next Scottish signing…? Maybe, but if they are it certainly wouldn’t be a bad call.

They’re engrossing in both presence and sound and if everyone enjoyed them as much as the guy behind me loved drummer, Frew, they’ll have won themselves a good few more fans tonight, maybe he was only seeing in green and white or “they sound better on record” but… probably not.

PAWS, much like the support who Taylor touts as his “favourite band”, are one of the most refreshing band to come out of Glasgow in recent times, it’s only just over two years ago I witnessed them they play their second gig to an unwelcoming Ariel Pink crowd, but it seems like they’re getting their just desserts.

The new album, which at I this point I am yet to hear, is leaned upon heavily, that’s not to say I’m a stranger to many tracks as a lot have been floating around in one form or other for some time.

Still, it’s fuzzy lo-fi punk intent on recycling 90s American alternative in the most joyous unpretentious way possible.

PAWS are a bunch of guys having a good time, it’s clear they’re reveling in what could potentially be their biggest headline gig to date and the compliments Taylor throws to the crowd are the most genuine you’ll hear.

This is by the time the capacity crowd have been eased into the set and warmed up, before they explode into a sea of crowd surfers, leaping from the speakers at the front of the stage.

And as the pretty lengthy, but all the more impressive for it, set draws to a close the band follow suit and dive into their adoring masses, something these guys will no doubt get plenty of opportunities to do in the future if they grow in popularity like they’re Scottish Fat Cat counterparts.

And from tonight’s performance they surely will, they may not fit the ever popular Glasgow folk vibe of Frightened Rabbit, have the mainstream pop hooks of Jetpacks or the sheer intensity of The Twilight Sad, but they offer something different something more infectious, interesting and joyous than these acts have produced in a long time.

They’re just off a tour with Japandroids too, are we jumping the gun by labeling them potentially Pitchfork’s next DIY punk darlings?

Before I’ve had the chance to publish this Cokefloat has clocked up a not to be sniffed at 7.1 rating on said site.


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