Record review: Louise McVey & Cracks In The Concrete – Love Lust Tales (Flying Teeth)

Louise McVey & Cracks in the Concrete’s debut album Love Lust Tales is the kind of music you can imagine being performed in a dark, smokey room.

McVey’s striking voice is the standout on all tracks, think Scotland’s answer to Florence Welch but darker – having said that Cracks in the Concrete are a band to which there are no obvious comparisons.

The album has haunting tones running right through it, due in part to McVey’s vocals and sinister piano, it is slightly unsettling but in a good way.

It is also due in part to the subject matter and with titles such as ‘Creepy Crawl’ and ‘Runaway Bride’ you get the idea of what they are going for.

Opener ‘Circus’ is a highlight and really sets the scene for the album, this album is all about atmosphere and it is rare to find an album that manages to covey an atmosphere so successfully.

It’s gothic pop meets cabaret which is something very original and that definitely stands out from the crowd.

Words: Ealasaid McAlister

One thought on “Record review: Louise McVey & Cracks In The Concrete – Love Lust Tales (Flying Teeth)”

  1. The album sounds derivative and self-consciously doomy. They all look a bit old for this sort of bedroom gothic nonsense

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