Live review: Summer Nights 2012 featuring Seams, Atlas : Empire, Lost in Audio, Xavia at Tut’s, 15/7/12

Seams are a young alternative pop band from Dundee and Glasgow, fronted by Katie Lynch, who has an impeccable voice, the five-piece have a Paramore-esque feel to them, and some pretty catchy guitar rifts.


Lynch looks a little awkward on stage, she is much better than she thinks she is, however her shyness adds to the bands charm and is refreshing in a scene so often plagued with arrogance.

Seams sound really tight and the range, purity and strength in Lynch’s vocal is impressive from someone so young.

They have a cute ending to their set too, with each member of the band leaving one-by-one as the song breaks down.

Having only formed in summer 2011, Atlas : Empire have progressed quickly, and have already recorded their EP To the Astronaut…

The bearded Glasgow five-piece are produce a confusing concoction of sounds.

One minute they are really soft, with an almost folky quality to Jamie Stuart’s voice then the synth kicks in, and you get this blast of electronica, coupled with Stuart’s mesmerising stage presence.

The genre-muddle doesn’t stop there though, and Steven Gillies (The Ocean Fracture) produces this hardcore screech, that propels the band into a guitar and drum-thrashing frenzy.

There might be a little too much going on for some, however there is no denying that Atlas : Empire are pushing the boundaries when it comes to making alternative music.

A slight change in direction comes from east-coast pop/rock-tastic Lost in Audio.

The three-piece featuring the confident vocalist Joe Hendry with his super wide-stance, are about to embark on the American dream having recently been offered a record deal.

They sound very well rehearsed, and have the potential to be huge with Hendry’s good looks and catchy melodies; even if they are a little cheesy with the constant hand clapping.

Think of Fall Out Boy crossed with The Wanted, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what these guys are all about.

The slightly rocky ‘Hold On’ and fan-pleasing ‘Burning Up’ are sung with gusto, sending the adoring crowd into meltdown.

Although back to that arrogance thing, if Hendry was chocolate he’d probably eat himself…

It seems to be the night for arrogance actually as Xavia take to the stage all eyeliner and hair, like a Scottish My Chemical Romance.

The lighting is pretty spectacular, and Craig Flint on the drums is excellent, but lead singer Charlie Lindsay is an irritable front man, and possess an unjustifiable level of confidence.

Xavia’s only redeeming features are that Lindsay does have a pretty impressive voice, that would possibly appeal to an American market, and he is almost note-perfect despite suffering from the flu.

He also dedicates a song to girl who comes to all their gigs, but unfortunately couldn’t tonight as her Dad had sadly passed away; quite sweet of him really.

Maybe he could project some of this niceness into his stage presence, and stop sticking the finger up at everyone.

Words: Erica Lennie
Photos: Kenny McColl

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