Record review: Louise Quinn & Kid Loco – Oh Jackie [Tromolo]

Opener ‘Oh Jackie’ is standard fare for A Band Called Quinn but with a twist in the excellent dual narrators detailing the story in turns, before combining to reinforce sections like the chorus.


‘Exactly Like You’ continues the sultry, Brighton pier, horror-show presentation with hints of Marilyn Monroe’s soft, dulcet tones about the vocals.

‘Ghosts From The War’ changes things up with laid back percussion, smooth classical guitar, dreamy organ, simple piano and self assured, almost spoken vocals.

It’s a lovely change, but feels a little bare and thinly spread as opposed to their sound when ‘plugged-in’.

Closer, ‘Hate This Town’ returns to the freaky formula and rounds off the EP nicely, with a trumpet literally marking their departure.

Words: Matthew Slater


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