Record review: Hey Enemy – The Wrong Songs to Right Wrongs

‘Pink Steam’ creates a pretty catchy opening before Hey Enemy continue with a similar funk style rock rhythm throughout the rest of the album, adding something more with a bit of dissonance in ‘Uncle Shingles’.


Sometimes the clashing can be too much and may be better left as a small feature rather than a major one.

These are not your typical pop punk compositions; they are well developed to appeal to many listeners.

‘I Am the Blues’ climax is awesome but seems fade a bit suddenly.

‘The Tyranny of Swine’ is a bit less connected and although maybe intentional but it doesn’t really work; the vocal effects are cool though.

‘Happy Sanchez’ stands out as a particularly nice arrangement and has a good balance of dissonance and concordance.

The Wrong Songs to Right Wrongs is really well balanced with a good mixture of tempos and styles while maintaining an identifiable theme unique to Hey Enemy.

Overall this release needs refinement in certain areas and can become a bit repetitive but it is a great set of music and definitely worth a listen and seems as through it will work really well live.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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